Terms and Conditions


  • The Performer acknowledges:

    • These Terms and Conditions have been read and are agreed to, before signing this agreement.
    • They will present the performance during the event on the dates and times, and at the locations, as specified in the email this contract link was attached to and/or welcoming letter for the Main Street Mornington Festival held on Sunday 20th of October 2019.
    • They agree to perform at the time and agreed fee or as a volunteer set out in the email sent to you with this contract link at the time of booking.
    • They must not do anything or enter into any contract or understanding that might be reasonably likely to cause the performer not to be available as required under this agreement.
    • They shall be available to perform technical checks arriving at their presentation at least 20 minutes prior to the performance, to introduce themselves to the Stage Manager Sound Tech and MC, and to become familiar with the venue and stage. Brief line and sound checks are to be made immediately prior to performance (if applicable).
  • Insurance

    • That the public liability insurance currently held by the Festival does not cover actions caused directly or indirectly by the performer.
    • They have their own public liability insurance and workers compensation in respect of the performer’s employees and contractors, unless it’s not applicable, for their own personal cover or you are a volunteer.
    • They are responsible for any loss or damage to their own equipment and property.
    • All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested or you will not be able to use it on the day.
  • Release Form

    • They give permission for the Festival to use any photograph taken in promotion of the Festival.
    • They understand the Festival will exercise these rights for the sole purpose of promoting the event, and will not commercially exploit them in any way.
  • Cancellation by Force Majeure

    If any strike, act of God, inclement weather, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the performer(s) or the Festival occurs, which prevents the performer(s) from performing, the Festival shall not be liable to the performer(s) for any payment.
  • Stages and Equipment

    • Two main stages are equipped with PA system/fold back & engineers where applicable.
    • The main stages are supplied with a general backline: drum kit and bass amp. Any specialist equipment is the performer’s responsibility. Please contact us with any queries.
    • It’s your responsibility as a performer and/or manager to confirm in writing with the Artistic Director and/or stage manager what equipment will be supplied for your performance area. With the exception of the main stage basic backline, all other performance equipment is the responsibility of the performer unless you have organised in writing with the Artistic Director by 15th September.
  • General

    • The performer is an independent contractor.
    • The signatory performer accepts this agreement on behalf of all members of the act involved in their performance.
  • I have thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of Mornington Main Street Festival which will be held on Sunday 20th October 2019. I understand that this contract refers to the email sent with contract link and by agreeing to these terms it acts as a digital signature and is a binding contract.
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