Stallholder EOI

Stallholder EOI (Expressions of Interest) for the 2019 Main Street Mornington Festival are now closed!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements! If you wish to apply for next years event, like our facebook page or subscribe for updates on applications opening. Applications for 2020 open March 2020.

Main Street Festival -254Stallholder site fees for 2018 are $TBA for Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism Inc Members and $TBA for non-members (excluding marquee costs) and please note that preference is given to local businesses from the Mornington Peninsula when selecting Festival Stallholders.

Enquiries can be directed to 


Stallholder EOI applications close on 30 June 2019


Stallholder Selection Criteria

The Main Street Mornington Festival is an iconic Mornington Peninsula event where the best of Mornington Peninsula’s gourmet produce, boutique wineries, visual artists, musicians, dance troupes, fashion boutiques, singer songwriters, and theatre groups are proudly showcased.

To ensure the standard of the Festival continues, the following selection criteria must be met:


Site fees

$200 – Off Main Street location (side street).

$425 – Main Street location.


All Vendors

All stallholder applicants must comply with the following criteria:

  • Abide by all event regulations as a stallholder or exhibitor of the Main Street Mornington Festival
  • Provide all documentation requested
  • Provide a copy of Certificate of Currency ($10 Million Public Liability Insurance)
  • Provide a copy of Work Cover Certificate (covering your staff)
  • Comply with all packaging and waste reduction requirements and take responsibility for all rubbish generated by their site
  • Comply with Energy Safe Victoria’s Code of Practice for The Safe Use of LPGas at Public Events in Victoria
  • Undertake to maintain the integrity and safety of the event by not engaging in any dangerous or unsafe acts, to maintain a high standard of Occupational Health and Safety
  • All requests from the Safety Officer must be complied with
  • Provide a breakdown of all electrical equipment being used if applicable
  • Maintain a high level of customer service
  • Understand that there are no refunds on cancellations after 1 August 2017
  • No previous issues with meeting any of these criteria, with either the Festival or the Mornington Peninsula Shire

Priority will be given to vendors who are based on the Mornington Peninsula


Food Vendors

  • You must be registered with the State Government of Victoria’s StreaTrader registration and notification scheme, and specifically register this event
  • A menu list needs to be provided
  • The food must be unique and/or gourmet
  • Flooring must be provided in cooking stalls
  • Cooking stalls must have kitty litter to soak up spills
  • Multiple vendors selling the same food types will not be permitted, unless it is reasonable to expect more than one vendor will be required to meet demand (ie coffee stall)
  • No glass is to be served


Wine Vendors

  • You must be registered with the State Government of Victoria’s StreaTrader registration and notification scheme, and specifically register this event
  • A beverage list must be provided
  • The wine being promoted and sold is from the Mornington Peninsula region only
  • The only alcoholic beverage that can be promoted and sold is wine
  • The business holds a current liquor license for the premises where they usually trade and apply for a temporary liquor license through the Festival
  • All alcohol must be served in non-glass cups, preferably recyclable or biodegradable


Other Vendors

  • Product/service supplied must be unique
  • Multiple vendors selling the same type of products will not be permitted, unless it is reasonable to expect more than one vendor will be required to meet demand


Waste Management

What is a Waste Wise Event?

A Waste Wise Event is the practice of the three R’s of waste minimisation – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

  • Reducing packaging to a few materials which are recyclable
  • Collecting and sorting recyclable materials
  • Preventing litter

The amount of waste and litter generated at public events can be phenomenal, creating unsightly mess and huge clean-up costs. However, the general public expects the event environment to be ‘clean and green’. To meet the state wide accreditation criteria for Waste Wise Event status, the event organising committee requires that all stallholders support the following measures to reduce waste.

The four most important activities identified to achieve this accreditation are:

  • Communicating conditions and requirements with stallholders
  • Obtaining packaging information from the stallholders
  • Engaging waste management contractors to maintain bins and control litter
  • Educating and rewarding Festival patrons for doing the right thing


What you need to do… 

Use packaging that can be recycled

Use packaging that is made from these recyclable materials: aluminium and steel cans, glass bottles, and plastic drink and food containers such as PET and HDPE (all plastic items of Code 1, 2 or 3).

Cardboard boxes (unwaxed only)

You can recycle your flattened cardboard boxes by placing them next to the recycling stations at the end of the day. No waxed boxes please as they cannot be recycled.

Use packaging made from recycled material

Food and drink – Food and drink packaging and other paper products are now available in 100% recycled paper. High quality recycled serviettes are economical and can replace plates when serving items such as sausages.

Bags – Use paper bags (preferably 100% recycled) rather than plastic bags.

Avoid unnecessary items

Please avoid using the following items as they cannot be recycled or are unnecessary packaging:

  • Polystyrene cups and clamshells
  • Code 4 – 7
  • Plastic drinking straws wrapped in paper
  • Coffee/drinking cup covers
  • Single serve tomato sauce/condiments
  • Single serve sugar straws plastic cups, bowls, plates, spoons and stirrers
  • Balloons-strictly prohibited at this event

Eliminating these items will not only reduce contamination of the recycling bins but may also save you money! Single serve packaging can be hygienically replaced by having self-serving pump or tip containers. Rather than automatically placing a cover on a coffee or drink cup, or providing a straw or stirrer, first ask customers if they want one.


Please reuse all items where possible

Litter Control

You are responsible for removing waste generated by your stall at the end of the day (ie left over food, drums of oil). Please also regularly clean up around your stall. Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism will have a dedicated cleaner onsite throughout the Festival to clean down tables and collect excessive waste, however, stallholders are still responsible for keeping their site area tidy at all times and cleaning up after themselves at the conclusion of the event. Please be aware that the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and the Waste Education Officer will be patrolling the site to ensure waste management procedures are being adhered to.

Being Waste Wise is as simple as A-B-C!

Assess your packaging

Look at the types of packaging you use at your stall and ask yourself:

  • Do I need this type of packaging?
  • Can it be recycled at the event?

Become aware of the alternatives

Change your packaging

  • Make the choice to become waste wise


Event Regulations


Advertising on the grounds by participants must be approved by the Festival Director before the Event date.

Aisles, Walkways and Exit Ways

Please keep walkways clear, avoid placing any obstructive objects where anyone can trip and fall over. Please also ensure that all banners, marquees and blackboard boards etc are securely tied/weighted down. The Festival’s Safety Officer will be conducting safety checks throughout the event. All requests from the Safety Officer must be complied with. Sites cannot encroach further onto the road due to legal/emergency requirements.

Alcohol Management

All participants selling alcohol must obtain a Major Event application (refer to from Liquor Licensing Victoria.

Wineries will be advised by 5 of July if your Stallholder Application is successful. If it is, the Major Event application needs to be completed and returned to NMPT with payment details completed by 12 July. All Liquor Licence Applications have to be submitted together by NMPT, therefore all Major Event applications must be received by this date). The permits will be issued all at once to applicants.


Where required, participants are to erect barricades around restricted areas (ie gas bottles, storage items, cooking equipment) on their sites to prevent entry by unauthorised persons. Barricades can be pre-ordered when your site is booked. If barricades have to be put in place by Festival organisers, there will be a cost incurred, and cash payment of $20 per barrier will be required on the day.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your application for participation in writing, however, this must be received by 1 August. Any cancellations on or before 1 August forfeit 50% of payment. No refund is provided after 1 August

Cleaning & Waste

The organisers have cleaners to clean aisles and rubbish bins in public areas during the event. This service does not extend to cleaning displays, stands or outlets. Therefore, participants shall:

  • Keep their stands and, where possible, the distance of three metres surrounding it, clean at all times.
  • Retain all rubbish in bins or bales until the end of the day. Containers of rubbish may then be placed in the bins provided.
  • The exterior of any structure used for food preparation or service shall be kept clean at all times.
  • Waste should not be stored behind, inside or under any stand or outlet.
  • Prior to the removal of the structure/stand at the conclusion of the event, all rubbish and waste materials must be removed from the site, except for flattened cardboard and boxed empty bottles.
  • Liquid (in particular oils) must be stored in suitable containers and appropriately removed. Do not dispose of down the drains or in gardens. Please leave the site as you found it.
  • All wastewater is to be collected appropriately and disposed of down the sewer. It is not to be used to water the gardens, as the sullage water contains fats, oils and other kitchen wastes that will cause odour problems and will be an issue with attracting pests (particularly rats) if it is used for watering the gardens.

Bins can be hired on request.

Cool rooms and Ice Supplies

Participants are responsible for providing their own cool rooms within their paid site or an additional site is to be paid for. There are limited sites available and this needs to be organised at the time of your application – it will not be approved last minute.

Ice will be distributed through the day at a cost of $4 per bag, and deliveries will be made at approximately 10.30am and 1.30pm.

Danger Tags/Safety Guarding

Any machine you are required to use must be inspected by the Safety Officer. All safety guards are to be in place before operating any machinery. The Safety Officer will show you where the guards are as part of your Safe Operating Procedures. You are not permitted to remove any guard for any reason unless you have been specifically trained and authorised to do so.


All electrical equipment, including power cords, must comply with Australian Standards and must be tested and tagged. Earth leakage protection must be used in conjunction with all power tools and extension leads. Extension leads must be fixed overhead away from pedestrians or vehicular traffic. Any issues regarding this refer to the Festival Director.

A Tag and Tester will be checking all electrical items at the Festival and if they are not current you will not be allowed to use them. It is preferred that you have all your items tagged and tested prior to the Festival, however the Tag and Tester will be able to conduct testing on the day, and you will be required to pay cash prior to the testing being conducted. 

Emergencies & Incident Reporting

All accidents and emergency situations must be reported to the Festival Director or Mornington Police. The degree of urgency with which this takes place should be comparable to magnitude of the incident. The Festival Director, Mornington Police or the Safety Officer may take control of the situation or follow-up and possibly investigate the occurrence later in the event.

In the event of a major incident or emergency occurring, the Event Emergency Management Plan will be implemented under the guidance of the Festival Director, Mornington Police and/or Safety Officer. The Event Emergency Management Plan will be provided to participants on the day of the event. Nothing in this section removes the requirement for the first available person to seek assistance from the Emergency Services where necessary.

Environmental Protection

Participants must give protection of the environment the highest priority in all activities on site. Any accidental spillages or release of substance, which may contaminate the environment, must be contained and reported to the Festival Director and Mornington Peninsula Shire.

 Fire Safety

The participants agree to comply with Mornington Peninsula Shire Fire Safety Guidelines, and any instruction given by the Festival Director or Safety Officer.

All participants must comply with the legislation requirements for fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Storage of flammable liquids shall be in accordance with the conditions of relevant sections of the Dangerous Goods Act. All extinguishers must be maintained in accordance with AS1851.1.

First Aid

First Aid facilities, provided by St John Ambulance Australia, are available throughout the event site, and may be used in an emergency situation to supplement the participant’s own facilities. This is not to relieve the participant of his/her inherent responsibilities. Please ensure that you and your staff are familiar with the first aid locations on site.


All stallholders must comply with Energy Safe Victoria’s ‘The Code of Practice for The Safe Use of LPGas at Public Events in Victoria’, ‘Gas Safety at Public Events’ and ‘Public Events Catering Vendors Information Pack’.

Stallholders using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) at public events must complete a checklist (refer to Gas Safety at Public Events) before the event starts. This is a requirement of the event organiser and the gas safety regulator, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

It should be noted that the event organiser has the right to remove from the site any person using or intending to use gas who fails to complete the checklist, makes

a false declaration or knowingly uses an unsafe gas installation.

The completed checklist must be retained by the caterer or stallholder for the duration of the event to be submitted should there be a site safety audit.

Ring/portable wok burners are not accepted at events unless the burner is built into a stable, sturdy stand. All gas appliances must be certified. The operating instructions should be fastened to the appliance. If not, the manual for the appliance or the instructions on how to operate it must be readily available.

A mobile catering vehicle is any vehicle utilising LPG that is either self-propelled or towed in which hot water ablution services are provided or food is prepared. Where food is prepared, the vehicle must be fitted with a fire blanket and a suitable portable extinguisher. Mobile catering vehicles must have an ESV compliance plate fitted or its interstate equivalent. If compliance plates are not fitted, event organisers must not allow vehicles to operate at an event.

The maximum allowable quantity of LPGas for a temporary outdoor structure is 60kg, with the maximum cylinder size of 15kg.

All LPG and other compressed gas cylinders must be secured against tipping, and placed in milk crates or fixed to a metal trolley.


For the safety of patrons, glass is being kept to a minimum (wine bottles only). Please ensure all food and beverages are served in alternative containers (paper, cardboard, plastic).

Health and Safety Issues

Please bring your own trolleys and lifting equipment and ensure your staff adhere to all occupational workplace safety standards at all times. You are also required to provide a Work Cover Certificate covering all staff involved in the event.

The participant agrees to comply with Mornington Peninsula Shire health and safety standards for temporary food premises. The participant also agrees to ensure that any person who is preparing, cooking or serving food has the adequate Food Handling training and certification.

The participant agrees to follow all instructions issued by the Safety Officer or Event/Site Management in relation to compliance with Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations from either the Mornington Peninsula Shire or the State of Victoria.


It is mandatory that all vendors have current insurance for their own property, goods in care and statutory insurance such as Workers Compensation. Public Liability insurance policies should be for cover of not less than $10,000,000. A copy of a current Certificate of Currency from a licensed Broker or Insurer will be required.


This contract shall be construed as being in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria. The participants acknowledge that nothing in this agreement is intended to create a partnership, a joint venture or evidence of a relationship of employee and employer between the participants and Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism Inc or the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Main Street Mornington Traders

Normal trading practices for Main Street Mornington traders apply on the day. A stall is not permissible without a signed permit from the Festival Director and payment of the applicable fee. All promotion of Main Street traders (ie handing out brochures) requires permission from the Festival Director. Inspections will be carried out during the Festival to ensure Council and Public Liability regulations are followed.


If you need to hire a marquee you will need to complete the form provided in the application.


No amplified music or noise may be broadcast from the event site.


No power is provided so you will need to provide your own generator, and Environment Protection Authority guidelines must be adhered to.

Presentation & Pricing

We expect that all food and beverage stalls and staff are presented in a professional manner, with clear signage indicating the cost of products. Whilst the Festival Committee does not set prices, there is an expectation that participants will strive to provide value for money to all Festival patrons.


Due to the open nature of the site, no responsibility is accepted by the Festival Director for damage or loss of property or goods.

Signs — Advisory & Warning

You will see a range of safety signs around the site. Generally there are two types of signs: compulsory and advisory. All participants and their staff are required to obey all signs on site.

Site requirements

Sites allocated are car park size. A floor plan must be provided with your application, identifying all elements such as equipment, gas bottles, tables etc.

If you have a cool room and it won’t fit within one standard car park with your stall, you will be required to hire an additional site.

Sponsorship Agreements

The participants agree to comply with all of the Northern Mornington Peninsula Tourism Inc sponsorship agreements and use products from these companies where applicable.

StreaTraders registration

Food businesses and community groups who sell food at events must use the StreaTrader online registration system to meet their Food Act registration requirements (refer to and register the event.


The participants shall be responsible for any relevant taxation arrangements applicable to earnings received under this contract.

Trading Hours

Set up time is before 9am. Participants will be ready to trade by 11am and will continue to trade until 5pm on Sunday 20 October 2019.  No pack down is allowed prior to this time and no movement in the Main Street is allowed prior to 5.30pm.

Vehicle & Parking Conditions

It is a condition of entry that the Event Organisers have the right to inspect any vehicle entering, leaving or when on site, including toolboxes, bags or containers of any description on property. The removal of goods and property owned by, or in possession of, Council or other participants without consent will be treated as unlawful and in certain circumstances will be reported to the police.

The parking permit issued must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle accessing Main Street during for loading and unloading and all vehicles must depart Main Street on completion (do not park on a side street within the Festival).

No cars are to enter Main Street during road closure.   There will be no vehicle movement on site after 9am on the day of the event. Prior to these hours vehicles will be permitted to enter the site for deliveries only. These vehicles require permits for entry. There is no parking at all in the site during these times, and vehicles must be in the process of loading and unloading. Vehicle passes must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle while on-site. Please enter from Nepean Highway end of Main Street and drive in one direction slowly with hazard lights flashing. No movement of vehicles between 9am and 5.30pm.


Any single waiver or exemption granted from the conditions of the contract should not infer that all other provisions have also been exempted.